Jesse S. Smith: The Battle of Hillsboro

The Battle of Hillsboro is a unique action-adventure suspense thriller by Jesse S. Smith and published by Basementia Publications.  The book is as witty as it is gripping, filled with equal parts wry commentary and explosive action. Unwilling to settle for lives of quiet mediocrity, a group of local young men decide to take matters into (…Read More)

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Holly St. Clair: Calliope in Time

Calliope in Time evolved out of the sense that true life is science fiction. The novel follows a timeline reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s “Slaughterhouse Five” as it tells the life story of central character Calliope Wolfe from childhood, through college in the late 1960’s, and down the weaving paths of relationships and many road trips, (…Read More)

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T. Gate Elton: Small Plastic Summer

In this contemporary view of a young man’s journey through his twenties, what starts out as a romp with foosball, beer, beaches, and fun with friends, collapses into introspection and soul-gazing after a member of his circle dies in the Iraq war. Out of Print at Author’s Request A couple of years after its initial (…Read More)

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Jonathan P. Rigby: The Everstone

With seven beautiful full-color paintings printed as full-page illustrations, this artistic book presents a delightful story for children or perhaps an allegory for adults. A wizard who has possession of a stone with magical powers befriends two lost children who end up rescuing him and perhaps the world, with the help of the wish-granting Everstone, (…Read More)

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