The Battle of Hillsboro is a unique action-adventure suspense thriller by Jesse S. Smith and published by Basementia Publications.  The book is as witty as it is gripping, filled with equal parts wry commentary and explosive action.

Unwilling to settle for lives of quiet mediocrity, a group of local young men decide to take matters into their own hands. They hatch a plan to conquer the world, beginning with a certain small town. Putting their plan into action, they launch a series of heists to fund their army.

The Battle of Hillsboro is a cinematic crime drama involving a group of underemployed and overeducated young men who want more out of life, and decide to take it at gunpoint. Inspired by famous figures throughout history, they set out to attain greatness by starting a war.

The fast-paced novella alternates between strategy and action as the friends develop and implement their plan. The tension builds as they pull off a series of heists and armed robberies to fund and arm their growing militia, until the events culminate in a disturbing and violent conclusion. The unnamed narrator bares his soul as he reveals his motivations for participating in acts which he recognizes as heinous crimes.

Author Jesse S. Smith says he drew his initial inspiration for the book from events in the news. To make his story more realistic, Smith conducted background research, including interviewing a veteran of the local prison system about police station security; reading about the right-wing extremists who carried out the terrorist attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building; and researching military weapons systems.

"My characters are not ideologically motivated," Smith stresses. "Their goal is arguably the same goal that has driven every military engagement in history: the pursuit of wealth and power."

The result of Smith's effort is a can't-put-it-down page turner.

The Battle of Hillsboro is a suspenseful adventure heist caper with a heckuva bang at the end. This action-packed thriller can be yours when you order a copy today!


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