With seven beautiful full-color paintings printed as full-page illustrations, this artistic book presents a delightful story for children or perhaps an allegory for adults. A wizard who has possession of a stone with magical powers befriends two lost children who end up rescuing him and perhaps the world, with the help of the wish-granting Everstone, and some poetry.


Quotes from this work:

Once, long ago, in a faraway land two wanderers were traveling, for that land was beautiful and there was much to see. By day they walked beside trees and flowers, and rocks covered with moss, and by night they watched the stars and planets, and the moon shone on them. One fateful night as they watched the sky, Nima, who was a wandering sorceress, beautiful and very wise, said to Neok, a roaming warrior, strong and very brave, “Can you see that light on the edge of the sky?” Neok peered across the starry dark to where she pointed. “Yes” he said, “It is no star or planet, and for certain not the moon. What could it be?” “Let us travel to it and see for ourselves.” said Nima, and so a long journey began. For many days and nights they traveled, and it seemed the land grew more and more beautiful as they went. Finally, as the sun rose one morning, they came to the sea. Huge jagged cliffs of rough stone fell far down into dark and stormy waters, and at the very edge of a tall cliff stood a white tower, and upon its very top shone the strange light that they had followed.

Quote Two

“Old man” they heard a wicked voice say, “I have come at last to destroy the white tower!” Then from atop the tower the old man spoke, saying “All people honor the white tower for it gives safety and light to all. Only an evil person bent on hurting others could profit by its destruction. Sail away in peace and let others do the same or surely only misfortune can come of it.” “You are quite right, old one; I am evil and seek to profit from the misfortune of others. First of all yours!” said the wicked voice, and from their hiding place on the seashore they saw a dark figure appear atop the tower beside the old man, and they fought. The dark one raised a storm of ice to freeze the old man, but the old man called softly to the sunshine to melt it away. Swords rained from the sky to pierce, but shields sprouted from the earth before they struck. Loud thunder came, but the old man’s silence quieted it. The battle seemed to rage for long ages as a great darkness rose up behind the dark and wicked enemy, dashing violence upon the tower top, but the old man sat in quiet composure, carefully unraveling every attack and always turning darkness into light. Suddenly the dark one spoke cunningly, saying “who is that hiding on the seashore?” The old man looked out over the great towers edge and quick as a wink the dark one crept behind him and pushed. All the way down to the stormy sea fell the old man, and disappeared beneath the waves. Triumphant, the dark one seized the Everstone and tried to break it. He dashed it again and again on the stones, he stomped it, he gnawed it, but it was perfect, and could not be broken, and so in a rage he cast it into the sea as well. “Ha, ha! Now none can travel the seas in safety and I will grow rich. But what have we here, hiding on the seashore?”, and he walked to the hiding place of Nima and Neok, which he seemed to know. “You two shall come with me on my terrible black ship, and be slaves.” And he grabbed them and took them to a huge black ship docked beside the rocks. He bound them in chains and locked them away in the hold of the great black ship, and set sail.

Quote Three

Soon they saw the shining stone in a place with piles of ancient books all around. It shimmered atop what seemed to be a tree growing in the gold the way normal trees grow in the ground. It was a tall and silvery tree, and the Everstone grew at the very top like a great glowing flower. The pair began to climb the tree’s seven branches, and soon reached the top. Neok grabbed the stone and leapt back down, landing in a pile of gold followed by Nima, and they smiled. “Hmmm,” said a deep and ancient voice, “very clever. A sorceress, I see. So you thought to steal my stone did you?” And once again they felt a rushing wind blow them nearly off their feet as the Devourous Dragon took a breath, preparing to destroy them with a breath of sulfurous flame. “He must have woken up!” cried Nima. Neok only held the Everstone and whispered a wish, and the great Devourous Dragon began to shrink and shrink until he was no bigger than a dragonfly. “Behold!” said the tiny dragon, “my hoard has grown so large that even I cannot see it all!” and he flew merrily off to explore mountains of gold and jeweled valleys until the end of his days.

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