In this contemporary view of a young man's journey through his twenties, what starts out as a romp with foosball, beer, beaches, and fun with friends, collapses into introspection and soul-gazing after a member of his circle dies in the Iraq war.

Out of Print at Author's Request

A couple of years after its initial publication, this book's author changed his mind, and asked us to remove this title from our catalog, on concerns that the story was too personal, and insufficiently fictionalized.  We sympathize; yet we hope that one day he may be persuaded to issue a revised edition, suitable for the public.  Would you read it?  If so, please get in touch, and we will pass along your messages to Mr. Elton, to see if perhaps we may convince him.

Our original blurb for Small Plastic Summer

Small Plastic Summer, the debut novel from Pacific Northwest author T. Gate Elton, is a self-described "Anti-war, pro-foosball, fictionalized manifesto on the search for God in the 21st century."

The tale of Adam Bannerman begins as he and his loving wife Trish are preparing to move across the country to escape a dark family past full of war-time death, suicide, and alcohol-soaked manslaughter. An attempt at a fresh start in the California sun causes Adam to reassess the nature of his own reality, sparked by the discovery of a badly burned Children's book questioning the nature of God.

When Adam unexpectedly finds himself involved in a local Foosball League, he is surprised that this simple game begins to reconnect him with the humanity, both loving and savage, that had been buried in a heart he had kept numb to all but his wife.

In the course of the Summer that follows, Adam will face off in plastic warfare against his friends and demons and ultimately gain a clear understanding of how Foosball holds the key to life's simplest truths.

Full of memorable characters, ridiculous situations, and an inordinate amount of Foosball: this deeply relevant, highly modern work is witty, philosophical, and at times romantic.


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