This is it, folks: The Military-Industrial Complex: The Farewell Address of President Eisenhower, with an introduction by Jesse Smith, published by Basementia Publications and made available here.

This back-pocket-sized book from Basementia Publications contains President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famous farewell address, broadcast live to the nation on January 17, 1961, in which he coined the term, “The Military-Industrial Complex.” This Basementia edition features an introduction by Jesse Smith, which explores the historical context and modern-day relevance of Eisenhower’s speech.  Smith discusses the massive economic incentives for an unending state of fear which has fed the military machine and helped it grow throughout the Cold War and now the "War on Terror."

This little paperback was released just in time for the 2006 mid-term elections, but it is ultimately timely in a much broader context. Said Smith at the time of the book's release, “Fifty years ago, President Eisenhower was talking about mechanized agriculture and the dawn of the computer age. And now we see in political ascendancy exactly the sort of situation he was describing, with an ideologically motivated military conflict of indefinite duration, and this uncontrollable economic monster that feeds off it. Eisenhower still has some lessons for us.”

The Military-Industrial Complex is available from Basementia Publications. The little book sells for a very small price, making it one of Basementia's most popular and best selling titles!

A word on copyright: President Eisenhower's speech is a public work, created by a sitting public official as part of his duties while in office, and as such, it exists in the public domain.  Jesse Smith's introduction is an original work, copyright 2006, all rights reserved.  We wanted to explain this, in case you were wondering.


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