The second release by Flumergex takes the group's musical explorations in a number of new directions.  Where the earlier record had been almost entirely a Smith project, "Flumergex Emerges" is much more of a collaborative effort.  The songs "Over the Top," "Jon's Favorite Key," "Not Belady" and "The Philosophy of Androcles" were all group efforts, with basic tracks improvised live in the studio.  Additionally, "The Creatures of the Forest" was co-written by Hoke and Smith, and had been formerly performed by Operation J.

The Musicians

Andy "Androcles" Hoke stuns the world with stellar keyboard work on "Over the Top," "The Creatures of the Forest," and "The Philosophy of Androcles."

Jon "Armadel" Rigby rocks the hand drum on "Over the Top," "Jon's Favorite Key," and "Not Belady."

Awesome drummer of massive technical prowess Tom "The Count" Morgan performs on "The Creatures of the Forest," "Make a Little More," and "Understand U."

And Jessiah Maximus rounds out the rest of the tracks with his singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalism.

The Songs

To understand "Flumergex Emerges," you have to hear it.  To describe "Flumergex Emerges," the best we can do is list the songs, and try to assign each to a musical genre.

  • Over the Top - Instrumental.  Maybe vintage, some might say sounds of the 60's, or something.
  • Might Not Be Tomorrow - Rock.  Sort of funky rock.  With economic angst.
  • The Creatures of the Forest - Cheerful, irreverent, nature-loving rock and roll.
  • Groove With U - sort of dance-hall techno-ish.
  • Jon's Favorite Key - instrumental, with keyboard sounds reminiscent of The Doors.  (Incidentally, Jon's favorite key is in fact D minor.)
  • Make a Little More - syrupy pop-rock.  About as bubble gum as Flumergex will ever get.  With lyrics that try to talk a young lady into the sack.  Future frat-boy favorite.
  • Understand U - vintage pop rock, sort of 1950's sound.  With references to a bad economy.
  • Jon Objects - modern electronic rock song about Jon's objection to all these love songs.  Where are the dragons?
  • Faded Blue - folksy, strummy, down-home, almost-country rock song about living through lean years.  Do you sense a theme?  This was supposed to be the economic depression's big song that speaks with the voice of an era; but unfortunately, it never got any major radio airplay.  Shall we blame our publicist?  Dude, you're fired.
  • Striving in Samsara - instrumental electronica
  • Feeling Down - Angry Industrial with Quiet Dread
  • Stinkopation - instrumental groove rock
  • The Great Triumph - instrumental electronica
  • Seedling - instrumental ballad
  • Not Belady - instrumental Eastern
  • Behebic - eastern pop with lyrics in Egyptian Arabic
  • Peace and Love - eastern
  • Mountain Road - instrumental, sort of cheerful-sounding in a major key
  • Round and Round - weird rock
  • The Philosophy of Androcles - instrumental rock, with drum machine



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