Barnlife by The Mushtones is a double-CD concept album about the life of a guy who lived in a barn.

The following text is a transcription of our old Flash video presentation about this double-CD album, because the video is no longer posted to this space.  That old video's production values have not kept up with changing technology standards; but this album's sounds are surprisingly timeless.  Members of Basementia's inner circle still consider Barnlife a classic favorite.  So imagine, as you read the text, that you're hearing the melodies interspersed with the narration.

All About Barnlife

Barnlife is the debut release by The Mushtones: a double-CD album that tells the story of the human condition.  It tells stories of love and loss ("she's never gonna call!"), and stories of personal triumph ("I wandered where the clouds touched the snow").  Barnlife speaks of of spiritual quests ("sometimes closer or further away...") and the search for one's place in the world ("I don't need approval from society to put my feet on the path I see").  It is an album that is both shamelessly silly ("you know I can always reach you with my magic guitar"), and deadly serious (musical interlude from "Paradise Regained").  Barnlife is romantic ("If I dreamed of making love and she didn't look like you, would it mean that I'm unfaithful?  Would you tell me I'm untrue?"); and Barnlife is just plain weird (musical interlude from "You Will Be OK").  Barnlife has grooves ("Make way for the dragon!") and hooks ("I keep asking why you set this hook in my soul, but baby I don't even know if you know..."), but most importantly, Barnlife has 27 great songs.  Order your copy of Barnlife today from Basementia.

Note: the above tally, "27 great songs," counts "Girl Trouble Part 1" and "Girl Trouble Part 2" as the same song.  If you count by CD tracks, there are 28 tracks.  For what it's worth.  Just wanted to clarify.

Song List

Disc One:  Reflected in Water

  • listen to the words
  • armor amour
  • back up
  • candlelight kind
  • sometimes closer
  • wanderin'
  • balance
  • dream confessions
  • you will be ok
  • the barnjam
  • memory loss
  • answer machine
  • like goin' home
  • friends

Disc Two: Burned by Dragons

  • voices
  • natural selection
  • girl trouble part one
  • girl trouble part two
  • never
  • paradise regained
  • overflow
  • faceless man
  • spunky haste
  • soulfire
  • the dragon's aftermath
  • bad magic mama
  • the pensive pooch
  • listen reprise

Another note: post-production on Barnlife dragged on a while (that's why it's copyright 2003, but released in 2004).  There were several editions, any one of which could be considered the "final master."  Other than minor remixes that nobody would notice, the main difference between these editions is that the song order was changed somewhat.  The final, final version has an extra synthesizer in "The Barnjam," if you wanted to know how to tell which edition came last.

Out of Stock - Digital Downloads Coming Soon

The physical double-CD version of this product is now out of print.  But Basementia is so proud of our first ever release that we're posting this tantalizing description on our website.  If there's a sudden resurgence in demand, we might be motivated to re-release this Basementia classic.  So if you're really pining after some Barnlife on an old-school compact disc...  let us know!

In the meantime, we are in the process of making the individual tracks from Barnlife available for online download!  We hope to have that set up soon; so please continue to watch this space.



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