Welcome to Basementia™

basementia: from our basement to your brain

The original! Since 2003.

Here it is, just the way you like it: scraped off the floor of our basement and delivered straight to your brain. This is the authentic basement dementia, or as we like to call it, Basementia.

The strummings and scribblings of basement dwellers

Our company has been publishing books and CD’s since way back in 2003. Yeah, we’re that old.

In fact, there was a while there when we were so old that we weren’t cool anymore.  But now we’re even older than that!

It’s true. By now we’re so old that we’re retro, so we’re starting to be way super cool again.

Enough of our idle bragging. Go get your Basementia on.

Pick Your Poison

What will it be? We have Basementia Publications, and Basementia Records.

Basementia Publications

Basementia Publications

Our basement scribblers have penned works in a variety of literary genres. We’ve got speculative fiction, action/adventure, and the obligatory political manifesto.

Browse the books released by Basementia Publications and see what our literary friends have been thinking about.

Basementia Records

Basementia Records

Basementia Records was dreamed up in a basement by a college kid back in 1996. This is the original core of Basementia.

Our friends don’t all play music in their basements. Some of them have garages. Some of them practice in their living rooms. Some of them even gig out!

Browse the albums released by Basementia Records and see what our musical friends have been up to.

Business services have moved

You can read the boring explanation if you really care.  The short answer is this:

If you are looking for web design and marketing in Salem Oregon, call Mardesco.  They will hook you up.

And if you are looking for the strummings and scribblings of basement dwellers, then you’re in the right place.

You have attained a state of Basementia.

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