About Basementia™ – Basement Productions, Inc.

From the basement to Basement Productions, Inc.

Back in 1996, a college kid thought to himself, “It would be cool to run a record label from my basement.”  In 2003, the company came to life, now named Basement Productions, Inc.  Of course, the obvious website domain name was already taken; and this is why, shortly after it was founded, the company began doing business as Basementia.

We produce two kinds of products: books and CD’s.  Our content is unique because it is all self-produced, and largely unavailable through mainstream outlets.

We pride ourselves on our “basement productions.”  When you are in the mood for some Basementia, you know where to go.  We’re even updating our website and hope to be able to add digital downloads sometime soon!

Were you looking for business services?

For several years, Basementia tried to be all things to all people. Yes, we tried to be a record label, a publishing company, a commercial print broker, a web host, and a design company.  All at the same time. It got confusing. We had an identity crisis.

Now Basementia has regained its path.  We told the business services to take a hike, and we took our rockin’ name back.

So if you are looking for web design and marketing in Salem Oregon, call Mardesco.  They will hook you up.

And if you are looking for the dark secrets and deep thoughts of basement dwellers and their musician friends, please browse our store.